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Wayne Harmes (Grassroots) - Newport Pagnell FC

Hi johnstoneman.
Thats an excellent report and its a great idea what you are doing again. I usually attend most of the away games the FA cup and Vase in particular (Moneyfields, Sandhurst and Wintney i visited last year) but it was my wifes friends 50th birthday party. Woman just dont understand! And i see the next round of the FA cup is on the 30th August (at home this time) when its my sisters 50th birthday party! I dont know these parties!!!! There like busses!!!
Anyway, would it be OK to possibly put your report and maybe the photos into the next Newport Pagnell FC home programme as it makes an interesting read? Thats if the programme editor wants to of coarse (just a thought gooders?).

Good luck in your aim again in attending every round.

Wayne H.

John Stoneman

Hi Wayne, please feel free to use any of this in the programme and thanks for the kind comments. Good luck with those buses!


Lovely! Echoes what so many of us feel - and, great photies.
Tis us coming to Newport Pagnell on Saturday which is how I found this. Seen quite a lot of FA Cup 'follower' sites but this was a new one for me.
Doubtless your need for another fix will be there on Saturday so, make sure the wife is properly organised and you've got the butties and tea flask sorted for the journey.
No doubt a bunch of cheerful Centurion fans and equally cheerful Swans fans will get to meet you on Satuday.
No idea how it will go - that's the beauty of the Cup. We are 'supposed' to win because we are from a supposedly higher League but hey, you never know.

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